Soul Universe

An exploration of self

3 min readAug 23, 2021


Photo from Northstar Photographs — Ryan Gearhart

I often wonder what life forms, if any, live beyond our finite understanding of the universe. I feel as if the discussion of space always leads to particular wonderment regarding aliens and what they may look like, act like, and how they would interact with us human beings. Yet, I often feel as if our questions regarding what is beyond our understanding are cut short due to our frequent and heavy ties to logic and our own necessity to remain comfortable.

Please feel free to adjust your safety harness as I catapult you deep into the ever-evolving expanse of my mind.


I often see my existence on this earth defined as one that embodies pain, struggle, and occasional victories. Survival is an unnatural element that found a way to engraft itself into my DNA. I wonder if true healing is possible, and if so, is it something beyond what I can comprehend.

Are there beings that experience an existence that only contains love, peace, acceptance, and freedom?

I fantasize about interacting with something or someone beyond my understanding that encompasses emotions that surpass my infantile sense of what it means to feel and react. If only I could travel beyond myself and tightly grasp the hand of one that lives outside the realms of time and space. I am left wondering if there is an opportunity to do such exploration within myself.

Perhaps I need to tear through the eroding atmospheric layers in my mind to achieve such enlightenment. Could my mind and spirit be the ones that hold the keys that unlock different unexplored universes buried within the recesses of my consciousness? Indeed, maybe the expanse of space is contained within such a feeble and frail body.

The Beyond

I am waiting for the day where I experience ethereal sounds, colors, feelings, and emotions that have not once been registered by my senses. I find myself ready to embrace a gentle rest that can only be found nestled amongst the stars. I want to shed this obnoxious necessity for oxygen and exist outside of the elements that control my existence.




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