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No Sleep ‘Til Justice

The fight must continue, no matter the cost

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The phrase “arrest the cops that killed…” loses its meaning the minute it rolls off of someone’s tongue. We say phrases like that because we feel like justice will actually come. Our hearts break for the victims of police violence. We cry out, hoping justice will be served, but it never is.

No End in Sight

How long do we continue to hold onto these phrases that allow us to believe that a victim’s name will be remembered and that the truth will finally come out?

These cops who keep killing Black folks in the street often earn a transfer, paid vacation, or stern talking-to. This has become an acceptable representation of justice for many folks and white folks specifically. It is infuriating to watch. It is gutwrenching to see how little Black lives are valued in the system and amongst the majority of white America. Yet, it is par for the course in this country.

The cops killed Breonna Taylor, and nobody paid the price for this action. There continues to be no justice. There have been no real consequences for the cops that carried out this killing. This case is saturated in lies that have been fabricated by the cops and the legal experts involved in defending the system. Throw out every single argument you’ve heard about this case and look purely at the fact that a Black woman was killed in the most innocent and vulnerable position anyone could ever be in.

In her sleep.

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Much of America has moved past this case. I can tell people are tired of hearing those who continue to demand justice in this case. I can sense people trying their best not to roll their eyes when this injustice is brought up. I can hear the “family got paid, they should just drop it” argument, and I can tell that folks believe that a certain amount of money is enough to cover the loss of life.

The perception of justice in this country is deeply rooted in oppression.

I have been a part of and have watched folks in Louisville protest for over 150 days, continually demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. An entire country can listen to people express the same message for 5 months straight and still turn a blind eye to what is happening. 2020 has demonstrated that this cycle of injustice is continuous and represents how little America truly cares about Black lives.

The city/state/country would rather spend money on bringing in the National Guard, FBI, cops in riot gear, surveillance, roadblocks, teargas, rubber bullets, and snipers instead of simply doing what is just for Breonna Taylor.

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Givin Up Is Not An Option

It would be easy to give up right now and allow Breonna Taylor’s name to fade into the past, but that is not an option. Many of us are holding the line and will continue to apply pressure until something gives. Allowing the system and the cops to get away with yet another killing is not acceptable.

The change must happen in the hearts of the people. Accepting extrajudicial killings by cops as fair and just treatment of the people of this nation is criminal, to say the least. Yet, it fits the oppressive narrative of the chapters that are continuously written by this country.

Injustice is a constant in this life. Deciding not to stand against it is a privilege that is only afforded to those that injustice generally does not affect. The scales must be shed from the eyes of those who enjoy blindly walking over those who were never given equal opportunities.

Breonna Taylor deserves justice. Her family deserves to see justice carried out. This country needs to be made aware that killing Black women in their sleep will never go unpunished. We cannot give up when the authorities push back. We can’t back down when the white majority says it’s time to move on. We must not allow silence to scream louder than the voices of those who are demanding justice.

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We need a revolution.

Revolution must be born out of this country's gutters that fester with police violence and systemic racism.

Revolution is frequently alluded to, but it is quickly labeled as an impossibility once opportunities arise in which people must prove their loyalty to the cause.

True Revolutionaries must assemble and continue pounding the pavement until equity and equal justice is the new foundation of this country.

The fight must continue, no matter the cost.

Breonna Taylor’s Life Matters and we will not stop speaking her name until it is etched into the history books that she finally received justice.

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