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Giving Tuesday Every Day

There are no limits on expressions of generosity

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It’s easy to become active during specific trends on different days throughout the year. Giving Tuesday happens to be a day where many folks become engaged in their giving, but it is short-lived, and I would argue that it is often disingenuous.

No Limits

The concept of generosity is frequently tied to monetary expressions of charity. Money does not, nor should it ever be the defining factor of generosity. Capitalism feeds us the lie that our worth is tied explicitly to what we can financially offer society. Not only does that devalue what we can offer our fellow man, but it sets materialism as the standard for success and worth in this country.

Giving of ourselves should never be limited to money or only to specific days of the year. This concept should be applied to our everyday lives. It is not necessary to broadcast our ability to give one day a year. The real importance is found in our ability to grow and offer ourselves even when we don’t want to or feel as if we can’t.

2020 has demonstrated selfishness on a grand scale in ways that I’ve never experienced in my lifetime. Generosity includes wearing masks so that we can curtail the spread of COVID-19. We can demonstrate it by standing up and speaking out against the injustices that permeate every aspect of society. It can be offered by way of listening to those who have no one else to speak to.

Being intolerant towards oppression and making that a daily practice can be one of the highest expressions of generosity.

Forward Thinking

As I look beyond this Giving Tuesday, I want to challenge myself to be intentional in how I give myself daily. I choose to grow and evolve as a person in order to serve better those that I love and my community as a whole. I know that what I have to offer far surpasses what society tells me I am worth.

We all need to understand the depth of our worth. Once we arrive at that understanding, then we can offer more genuine expressions of generosity. When we begin to share ourselves more fully, we can eliminate the superficial demonstrations of care and concern in our country.

Generosity is an easy concept, but the depth of which we express it is one that requires authentic sacrifice, and sometimes those sacrifices include giving when we have nothing left to give.

Photo from the author

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Therapist/Client | Social Justice | Activism | Mental Health | Self-Discovery | Poetry | Editor of Authentic Diamonds.

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