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Fragile-Ass White Folks

Please shut the fuck up

This year has highlighted white fragility in a way that I’ve never seen. That’s probably because I’m a stupid-ass white male. However, that’s a story for a different time. I have been perpetually shaking my head at the absolute bitchassness demonstrated by white folks in 2020.

White folks watched Ahmaud Arbery get gunned down in the fucking street, and they immediately started building a case as to why it was justified. They watched George Floyd be murdered in broad daylight, and they immediately blamed him. They read the story of Breonna Taylor and immediately said that it was her fault; because she was “living with a thug”.

Yet, let someone call them racist for their pure demonstrations of white supremacy and racism, and watch them melt down like some plain, vanilla-ass ice cream left out in the warm afternoon sun.

No Consequences

White folks can speak freely with no consequences. They can demand that white supremacist groups have their “free speech” protected but literally shit their pants in fury when someone says the phrase “Black Lives Matter”. They feel as though they can parrot the racist rhetoric from that Orange Fuck in the White House and believe they are never allowed to be challenged.

They can use the N-word in a joke and arrogantly bite back when someone tells them that they are racist. They can’t accept the fact that we are inherently racist and that white supremacy is deeply rooted in our DNA. That’s the fucking truth.

As a white person, I have been perpetually pacing throughout 2020 waiting for Jesus Harold Christ to afford me the opportunity to fucking fight another white person for saying some racist-ass shit, but that hasn’t happened yet. I am hoping I get an early Christmas present. However, white folks fucked Christmas up because they find it more important to kill people by spreading COVID because they feel the need to prove that they are “rebels” or that they “hate their governor”.

“Selfish” isn’t the word. “Soft” isn’t an accurate definition. “Sensitive” is too kind of a word for white folks. We are weak-ass mother fuckers who refuse to accept our roles in shitting on anyone that isn’t white in this country.

Pulling Teeth

Getting any white person to openly admit that they’re racist is near impossible. The fact is, every single white person is racist. We were born into it, benefit from it, and perpetuate it every single day. Those are facts. Us admitting our racism isn’t a surprise to any Person of Color. They already know that shit.

Admission of our racism and white supremacy doesn’t absolve us from all the shitty things we have done over the years. In fact, it allows us to see that we are complicit in all of that shit.

Let’s keep it simple. We are harmful to communities that are not white. That is a fact that has been proven repeatedly over centuries. Instead of requesting that People of Color speak kindly to us about the damage we cause, we need to learn to shut the fuck up, own it, and change it NOW. We have the privilege of sitting back and crying about the fact that someone called us racist. We have the privilege to sit back and argue over semantics. We have the privilege to cry out “reverse racism” without ever feeling any single experience of racism in our lifetime.


I refuse to coddle white feelings. Once again, I am white, and I will never be able to fix the damage that I have done because of my ignorance. All the dumb fucking racist ass jokes that I shared when I was younger still made me racist. It doesn’t matter that I was raised in the woods around a bunch of other racist-ass white people. I did the damage, and I have to own that.

White folks make this country a fucking circus.

Old, rich white men run our shit into the ground. They ruin the economy. They fuck over People of Color with such frequency that it is normalized in our country. The tears of white women can be a death sentence for a Black man, woman, or child. White communities raise racist-ass children to be cops, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and politicians.

White folks bail out a spoiled-ass mother fucking murderer because they feel him being arrested for killing protestors is unjust. White folks felt more empathy for Breonna Taylor’s fucking walls than they did for her life. White folks will talk shit about standing their ground until a Black man does it, and then it’s all this bullshit about that man being a “criminal”, “thug, or “gangster”.

Please, for the love of god, shut the fuck up and take a timeout.


There is a quote that goes something like this, “You are lucky Black people are seeking equity and not revenge.”. Equity is terrifying for white folks. The internalized fear that white supremacy and white power would no longer be the standard measurement of anything “successful” in this country is debilitating. The fear of stupid fucking theories like “white genocide” keep white folks awake in the middle of the night.

The reactions of racist white folks are illogical, embarrassing, and straight-up fucking stupid.

I am in full support of white folks getting their shit rocked by a Person of Color when we say some ignorant ass shit. White people are fine with violence when it is used by the military and cops, but not when it is used to teach a lesson. Sure, we may lose a couple of teeth, but at least we will learn what is right and wrong.

White folks demanding peaceful interactions when they are racist as fuck is beyond infuriating. No, Karen or Brett, you don’t get a gentle talking to when you call the cops and say that you are scared that a Black man is going to hurt you. You need to get your ass beat so that you understand the danger you just put that person in.

White folks are fine with putting BIPOC lives on the line as long as they feel safe but feel viciously and personally attacked if anyone tells them their ideology is problematic.

We are beyond lucky that we don’t reap what we have sown. When that day comes, all the bad shit that befalls us comes to fruition, we must know that it has been earned by us over and over and over again.

There will come a time where luck no longer saves you. Your mouth and actions will get you in trouble, and you will earn that ass beating you get when you say a racist joke. You will deserve to lose that job when you consistently report only your Black coworkers from some trivial shit that you get away with every single day. The day will come where you will lose friends and family when you choose to vote for racist ass fucking presidents and politicians.

Fuck Your White Feelings

Make that your mantra moving forward. Our feelings don’t mean shit in the fight for justice, change, and equity. White feelings are the reason cops can earn free vacations for killing Black folks in the street. White feelings are the reason a system that perpetually harms People of Color stays well-manicured and taken care of. White feelings are directly tied to the continuous deaths of People of Color.

I could be way off on this article, and end up being corrected by multiple Black community members. And, you know what? I will have to own that shit and swallow my feelings and my pride. I don’t know everything by any means. I am not an expert on racism. I will never speak for the Black community.

However, I will challenge the shit out of other white folks. The change has to happen yesterday. We are the reason this country is a fucking dumpster fire, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Stop being a fragile ass bitch, and take ownership of your own racism and white supremacy today. If you want to change, there is no time like now to do it.

Black Lives Matter. White Feelings Do Not.

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