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Four Years

Forgiveness is not an option

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Four years of preparing for Trump to win another 4 years.

Four years of living with the fear of what 8 years of Trump would mean for my Black and Latina children.

Four years of waking up fucking furious every day waiting to see what harmful rhetoric, policies, actions, or inaction Trump was responsible for.

Four years of watching Trump supporters berate, mock, and be overall assholes towards People of Color, the LGBTQIA+ community, people who aren’t conservative Christians, and folks who speak out against injustice.

Four years of watching Trump supporters furiously back cops who publicly execute Black folks.

Four years of watching Trump disregard, attempt to discredit, and lie about the validity of science.

Four years of watching Trump burn bridges and healthy relationships with other countries around the world.

Four years of watching Trump normalize, exude, praise, and expect bigotry, hatred, and oppression when it comes to his followers.

Four years of watching Trump demonstrate racism in every single form and be unapologetic and defensive any time he was confronted about it.

Four years of hearing Trump supporters arrogantly defend oppression in almost every single form.

Four years of watching most white “Christians” deify someone who represents the exact opposite of the “Christ” they claim to follow.

Four years of listening to “friends and family” tell me that I am over-politicizing everything and that I should “take a break from politics” because it is “making me into an angry person”.

Four years of begging the closest people to me to value Black Lives and to stand in solidarity with me for the lives of my children.

Four years of becoming progressively more alone because the people that were in my life would rather stand on the side of oppression and blame everyone else who was trying to achieve some semblance of equity, equality, and justice.

No Peace

Now that I see there may be an end in sight, please believe that I will not shut up about it.

I will not take the high road. I will not be the “better person”. I will not offer kindness to the Trump supporters who brazenly chose to support someone who saw people who look like my children as “rapists”, “criminals”, “thugs”, “dangerous”, “sons of bitches”, “looters”, “an infestation”, or any other words he used to describe People of Color.

Don’t demand that I forgive anyone. Don’t tell me that politics make me “too angry”. Don’t tell me that I owe any Trump supporter shit.

You stand on the side of fighting for equity, equality, and justice or you stand against it. There are opportunities to learn and grow, but if people refuse those opportunities and mock other people who are attempting to grow and learn, then they deserve any bad shit they have coming their way.

I refuse to let Donald Trump or any of his supporters demand and expect “victim” status after they fucked over this country for the past 4 years.

The ripple effects of these past 4 years will be felt for long after I am dead.

I will never allow a Trump supporter to look me in the eye and expect me to love and respect them when they potentially put shit in motion that will negatively affect my children for the rest of their lives.

No president (yes, including Biden) or politician will ever be my savior. Just know that I will always do my best to fight against oppression, and if anyone supports people that vehemently oppress people in our country, then they are the enemy period.

Photo from the author

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Therapist/Client | Social Justice | Activism | Mental Health | Self-Discovery | Poetry | Editor of Authentic Diamonds.

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