Brittney Griner is Finally Coming Home

And white America is losing its mind.

2 min readDec 8, 2022


Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash

The blatant support of white supremacy in America is undeniably and clearly outlined in the uproar of Brittney Griner’s return.

The outcry that an arms dealer is such a significant threat to this country while people openly and excitedly support a past president/current presidential candidate that goes out to eat with known white supremacists is something you can’t even make up. It is a bold and unrelenting statement of how this country operates. It is nothing short of American.

Black women are so undervalued and discarded in this country that people would rather villainize a queer Black woman than recognize the deep-seated white domestic terrorism that is currently existing and that is so purposefully embedded within America’s DNA. We have seen multiple examples of the rise of white violence over the past few months, yet that is overshadowed by people’s disdain for an American citizen returning home as opposed to being imprisoned for 9 years because of a plant. We live in such haunted echoes of the past that we cannot hear beyond the white supremacy that is so loudly proclaimed in this America.

Every single day I wake up and see renewed white violence in the streets of this country. I see white men getting taken in alive after taking the lives of so many people that do not live or look like them. I see excuses made for their “mental health” or for “bad parenting”. I see the streets run red with the blood of those who only deserve life yet became permanent victims of white fragility.

So, no, I don’t give a fuck about an arms dealer being returned to his country. I give a fuck about the white violence that continues to spread like wildfire in our own country. I don’t give a fuck if that makes people angry. I give a fuck that the domestic terrorism in America doesn’t infuriate people enough to flip this country on its head.

I fully support the return of Brittney Griner. This is a time of celebration. It is also a time of understanding where America’s priorities lie.

White domestic terrorism and those who support it on a presidential level are the true threat. This is where our energy should be focused. We should recognize the violence that has America in a chokehold, yet, once again, this country would rather see a queer Black woman be destroyed than take any accountability for the bullshit that is happening on our own soil.

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