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Football is more important

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They still haven’t arrested the cops that killed Breonna Taylor in her sleep, and people are somehow floored that people would boo a demonstration of unity at a football game?

It doesn’t matter what the cries for justice look like. It doesn’t matter how peaceful demonstrations are. It doesn’t matter how palatable it is made for white America.

A request for silence was overwhelmingly overtaken by angry screaming and booing. This has never been about respecting a piece of cloth or a stupid song. It has never been about being “patriotic”. This has never been about being a “real American”.

It has been about the fact that white America demands Black players to shut up about injustice. They demand they entertain and do nothing else. They do not believe that Black Lives Matter.

White America stands in prejudiced defiance against true justice.

They are repeating the cycle that started years ago. These are the same people that demanded that protests be peaceful, but they destroy the most gentle demonstrations of peace and unity with their furious boos. Screaming and booing in times where silence was requested to stand against injustice is such a grotesque display of white supremacy.

I hope that Black players in all professional sports stop playing altogether. Let white America understand that they won’t be rewarded when they throw tantrums over peaceful demonstrations against injustice.

Black Lives Matter more than sports, more than keeping rich, white men happy, and more than making sure that white America feels comfortable supporting injustice.

Photo by the author

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